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Wedding Dance Lessons

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“Get ready to sway, twirl, and create unforgettable memories! The big day is almost here and it’s time to perfect your first dance. Don’t let two left feet ruin your special moment! Enroll in our wedding dance lessons today!

Our experienced instructors at Palm Beach Dancing Studio will help you and your partner create a romantic, tailored routine that suits your abilities and preferences. From slow and sweet to fast and fun, we’ve got you covered!

Don’t miss out on this chance to bond and make your wedding day even more special. Say “I do” to taking dance lessons with us! Book your first lesson now!”

Wedding first dance is a tradition that will never change, and taking wedding dance lessons is the only way to not only feel comfortable dancing during the wedding ceremony, but also for any type of celebration. Let the experts at Palm Beach Dancing help you get ready for your most important dance of your life: Your wedding first dance.

Students Testimonials


From rehearsing at the dance studio to performing at the wedding ceremony.

Great job guys. Congratulations!


Are you worried that you might step on the bride’s feet or worse her dress? You see, none of the couples you saw on the videos above knew how to dance before. They just made the right decision to take wedding dance lessons before their wedding first dance.

 Be sure to contact us before your big day. We’ll help you dance smoothly even if you have two left feet. We guarantee it!






When Should I start Taking Dance Lessons?

Three months in advance is a good time to start, but It also depends on what you are trying to achieve. Some people start one year in advance, while others one month before the wedding. 

How Long Should I Take Dance Lessons For?

Three months give you enough time to learn how to dance even if you have two left feet. If you wait the last month to learn, then you will have a lot of pressure to learn fast and you might not even enjoy the process. We want you to enjoy your first dance, so give yourself time to learn and enjoy it.

Do you suggest a routine or Freestyle First Dance?

A simple routine is best and also easy to learn and to remember. A freestyle dance needs a lot of training to be able to lead and follow properly. Unless you are already a dancer, and you have been dancing together for a long time, it would be best to stick to a simple first dance routine.

How many dance lessons do we need?

The number of lessons depends on your goal. If you want a simple, basic routine, then a 3-lesson package might be sufficient. However, if you want a more advanced dance routine, it will require more time, therefore more lessons. On average, couples take 3-6 lessons to feel comfortable on the dance floor.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on the number of lessons you need. A minimum of three lessons is sometimes sufficient to get comfortable on the dance floor. Our package starts at $95 per lesson and goes down to $80 depending on the package.

How long should the music be?

The music can be as long as you want, but bear in mind that the longer your music, the more dance lessons you’re going to need. Normally, it’s best to keep it short (about two minutes)

Choose the perfect wedding dance package that suits your need best!

wedding first dance

Basic – Three Private Lessons

wedding first dance

Beyond Basic – Six Lessons

wedding first dance

Spectacular – Ten Lessons

What Our Customers Are Saying

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Remi Santana
Remi Santana
I am from New York and I just relocated to Palm Beach and the first thing I did was to find a dance studio because that's my passion. I took a few dance lessons at other dance studio but now I am sticking to this studio. I feel that I am learning a lot from my instructor (Natalia) and she is not holding me back. I recommend this place.
Stephan De Wall
Stephan De Wall
Learning how to dance was always on my bucket list, so I have decided to give it a try recently. I am so happy I did, now one month later I have already lost 5lbs while having a lot of fun. My instructor (Natalia) is not only a great instructor and sweet, but also gorgeous. I am so happy I have found her. All I can say is that dancing is so much fun with her. You should try dancing too. I recommend this place.
Ryan Totten
Ryan Totten
Webert is an awesome teacher! Extremely helpful with us learning from scratch and choreographed and amazing first dance for our wedding! He worked with last minute schedule changes and was always quick to respond with any issue we were nervous about and made us feel very comfortable learning and practicing. Would highly recommend for wedding dances or just learning a new skill!
Amphai Yangyeanthawon
Amphai Yangyeanthawon
Webert is a great teacher and designed a beautiful 1st dance for our wedding! Neither my husband nor I had ever danced before so we were total beginners. By the time our big day got here Webert had taught us a beautiful dance and had us confident that we would do well. Thanks to Webert’s guidance our dance was a huge hit with our guests! They were all quite shocked and we received numerous compliments on how beautiful our dance was. We can’t thank Webert enough. We highly recommend him and he can make you the star of the show just like he did with us!
Bridget Fischer
Bridget Fischer
Amazing! We started the lessons fairly late but our Instructor was confident we could get some moves down and not only did we nail it, all of our guests were wow'd! Thank you Palm Beach Dancing!
Shelby Pantano
Shelby Pantano
Webert is helping my fiance and I with our wedding choreography and he has been amazing. He's super patient, great at explaining things, and came up with a beautiful first dance that was learnable for two total beginners. I would 100% recommend this place for anyone hoping to learn to dance!
Patrick Dennis
Patrick Dennis
We can happily recommend Palm Beach Dance. Thank you to Webert for helping us create our wedding’s “1st dance”. You were very patient with the fact that we had no prior dance training. During breaks we enjoyed your pointers on the subtle aspects of dance from your many years as a professional in the industry.
tom ramphis
tom ramphis
Great dance studio, not like the typical franchised ones I am used to. I danced for years at another studio in New York and when I moved to Florida, I was advised to keep dancing at the same franchised dance studio, but there was none in my area. I mean, there was one but it was about 25 miles from where I live and I didn't want to drive that far. Upon a google search I found this dance studio and, boy, I am so much more happier now with my dancing than I was at the previous dance studio. The owners are very nice and great with what they do. No pushing to buy the next package all the times. I am now dancing for a couple of months at Palm Beach Dancing with Natalia and I love it. I strongly recommend this studio in Palm Beach Gardens.
Mario Sega
Mario Sega
My wife and I are having a lot of fun learning how to dance at this studio. Our instructor (Webert) is very patient and knowledgeable and we feel that we are progressing quickly. Most importantly, we are having a lot of fun while learning to dance. I definitely recommend this dance studio in Palm Beach Gardens.
Angela Tomasino
Angela Tomasino
My fiance and I took dance lessons prior to our wedding ceremony. We felt that having taken dance lessons made us feel very comfortable on the dance floor. Webert did a great job teaching us how to dance with just a few lessons. He was very kind and patient with us. I definitely recommend this dance studio and especially the owner, Webert.

Start Your Wedding First Dance Now

Elegance is expected at any wedding ceremony, and so is your first dance. DON’T wing it, you will regret it for the rest of your life. This is one of the 10 most commons wedding first dance mistakes couples make.

Contact us now to schedule your wedding dance lessons and you will be on your way to an elegant wedding first dance. We have helped hundreds of couples just like you. We are confident that we can help you too.