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Are you looking for an exciting and enriching activity for your teen? Look no further! Palm Beach Dancing is thrilled to announce its free Summer Dance Program for underprivileged teens aged 13-17 starting on June 2nd to August 4th, 2024.


  • Age Group: 13-17 years old
  • Day: Every Sunday
  • Dates: June 2nd – August 4th, 2024
  • Time: 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
  • Location: Palm Beach Dancing: 4372 Northlake Blvd, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 (Participants must live within 10 miles of Palm Beach Gardens)
  • Criteria: Teens must be from low-income families to qualify for the free classes.

Summer Dance Program – What to Expect:

  • Professional Instruction: Learn from an experienced ballroom dance teacher with a passion for sharing the joy of dance.
  • Fun and Engaging Classes: Explore a variety of dance styles including Cha Cha, Rumba, Swing, Waltz, and more in a supportive and friendly environment.
  • Skill Development: Develop coordination, rhythm, confidence, and teamwork skills while learning the art of ballroom dancing.
  • Community and Friendship: Connect with other teens from similar backgrounds and build lasting friendships through the shared love of dance.
summer dance program

The Many Benefits of Ballroom Dancing for Low Income Families

In the world of ballroom dancing, diversity is key to its vibrancy and richness. For Low Income families, breaking away from the perception of ballroom dancing as a “white sport” opens up a world of opportunities and benefits for both parents and children at this Summer Dance Program. Here’s a deeper look into why embracing ballroom dancing can be transformative:

  1. Cultural Appreciation: Ballroom dancing is a celebration of diverse cultures and traditions. By learning different dance styles such as salsa, cha-cha, waltz, and tango, children gain a deeper appreciation for music and movement from various backgrounds. This exposure enhances their cultural awareness and fosters a sense of pride in their heritage.
  2. Confidence Building: The discipline and skill required in ballroom dancing translate into increased confidence and self-esteem for children. Mastering new dance steps and performing in front of an audience builds resilience and a positive self-image, essential for success in all aspects of life.
  3. Family Bonding: Participating in ballroom dancing as a family creates meaningful bonding experiences. Parents and children can share moments of joy, accomplishment, and teamwork as they learn and practice together. It strengthens family relationships and creates lasting memories.
  4. Life Skills Development: Ballroom dancing instills valuable life skills such as perseverance, time management, and goal setting. Children learn the importance of practice, dedication, and overcoming challenges, skills that are transferable to academic and professional endeavors.
  5. Health and Wellness: Engaging in regular physical activity through ballroom dancing promotes overall health and wellness. It improves cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and posture, laying a foundation for a healthy lifestyle from a young age.
  6. Social Integration and Networking: Ballroom dancing provides opportunities for children to socialize and interact with peers from diverse backgrounds. They learn important social skills such as communication, empathy, and respect, essential for navigating the complexities of today’s world.
  7. Educational Opportunities: Beyond the dance studio, ballroom dancing opens doors to educational opportunities. Scholarships, competitions, and performance opportunities can lead to further education and career pathways in dance, arts, or related fields.
  8. Community Engagement: Getting involved in the ballroom dancing community fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie. Families can connect with like-minded individuals, support each other’s goals, and contribute positively to the local dance scene.

This Summer dance program will not only help low income families break stereotypes but also empower their children with invaluable skills and experiences. It’s a journey of self-discovery, cultural enrichment, and personal growth that transcends boundaries and builds bridges across communities. Let’s dance together towards a brighter and more inclusive future!

Summer Dance Program
Summer Dance Program
summer dance program

Welcome to our Summer dance program for kids aged 7-17! Our goal is to inspire a love for dance while teaching essential skills and techniques in both American Rhythm and American Smooth styles. Here’s a comprehensive outline of our program:

Age Group: 7-17

Duration: Ongoing sessions with periodic evaluations and performance opportunities

Curriculum Overview:

  1. American Rhythm Style:
    • Cha Cha: Introduction to the lively and playful rhythms of Cha Cha. Focus on basic steps, timing, hip action, and partner connection.
    • Rumba: Explore the romantic and sensual movements of Rumba. Emphasis on Cuban motion, body isolation, and musicality.
    • East Coast Swing (E.C. Swing): Dive into the energetic and upbeat nature of East Coast Swing. Learn swing-outs, turns, and footwork variations.
    • Bolero: Discover the smooth and dramatic expressions of Bolero. Develop grace, control, and expression in slow-tempo movements.
    • Mambo: Experience the infectious rhythms of Mambo. Master fast footwork, syncopated steps, and styling techniques.
  2. American Smooth Style:
    • Waltz: Embrace the elegance and grace of Waltz. Learn basic box steps, turns, rise and fall, and fluid movements across the floor.
    • Tango: Dive into the passion and intensity of Tango. Explore sharp staccato movements, promenades, ochos, and dramatic pauses.
    • Foxtrot: Master the smooth and flowing motions of Foxtrot. Focus on walking steps, timing, continuity, and connection with the partner.
    • Viennese Waltz: Experience the exhilarating tempo of Viennese Waltz. Learn rotary movements, spins, and proper frame and posture for fast-paced waltzing.

Summer Dance Program Class Structure:

  • Warm-up and Stretching: Begin each session with a dynamic warm-up and stretching routine to prepare the body for dancing.
  • Technique and Skill Development: Focus on specific dance styles each session, breaking down steps, rhythms, and styling.
  • Partner Work and Connection: Practice partnering skills, communication, and leading/following techniques with fellow students.
  • Choreography and Routine Building: Work on choreographed routines to showcase during evaluations and performances.
  • Musicality and Expression: Develop an understanding of musical interpretation, phrasing, and expression through dance movements.

Additional Components:

  • Performance Opportunities: Participate in showcases, recitals, and competitions to showcase progress and build confidence.
  • Guest Workshops: Invite guest instructors and dancers to conduct workshops on specialized techniques and styles.
  • Dance History and Culture: Explore the history, culture, and evolution of ballroom dancing through interactive lessons and discussions.

Our Summer Dance program aims to nurture creativity, confidence, teamwork, and a lifelong passion for dance in young dancers. Join us on this exciting journey of discovery and expression through ballroom dancing!

Summer Dance Program -How to Register:

  1. Fill out the registration form.
  2. Submit proof of eligibility (e.g., income verification, address within 10 miles of Palm Beach Gardens).
  3. Receive confirmation of enrollment and class schedule.

Limited Spots Available: Space is limited, so don’t wait to register your teen for this FREE Summer Dance Program. Give your child the gift of dance and watch them thrive on the dance floor!

Join us as we dance, learn, and grow together! Let’s create unforgettable memories and unlock the potential of our teens through the magic of ballroom dancing at this Summer dance program.

Let’s spread the joy of dance and empower our teens to shine! 💃🕺