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Dance Benefits

dance benefitsIs dancing part your NEW YEAR RESOLUTION?

Learning how to dance is a skill that can not only improve your personal life enormously, but also last a lifetime!
The dance benefits go way beyond the dance steps:

– Weight Loss

-Tone Body

– Self Confidence

– Elegance

– Coordination, etc


Weight Loss – dancing is one of the best activity if you’re trying to lose weight. However, you must do it often enough and properly to see the benefit of it. Dancing at least twice a week is recommended for weight loss benefit. It’s a gradual weight loss, not drastic.

Tone Body – If you are not looking to lose weight, you can just maintain it through dancing. Again, just like above, you must do it at least twice a week to see the benefits.

Self Confidence – Learning how to dance is a great tool to overcome low self esteem. As you get more comfortable with the dance steps, you will build confidence in dancing and in life as well. Imagine, you can go out and ask a complete stranger to dance? That’s one of the best dance benefits.

Elegance – comes with learning how to dance properly. Your posture will change to adapt to each dance to create the shape you desire!

Coordination – There is a lot of coordination involved with dance steps. Not only with the partner, but also with the music you’re dancing to.

Dancing is a lot of fun. People that love music but cannot dance are missing out big time. Often, they think they have two left feet, when in reality there is no such thing.  It’s a double joy: listening and dancing with a partner.

That’s it for now. Are you convinced enough that learning how to dance is a great skill to have?

If so,  click the bottom below to get started.



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