Salsa Group Classes -10 weeks

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Salsa Group Classes -10 weeks

Are you ready to spice up your Thursday nights? Join our intensive 10-week Salsa-100 course starting on April 20th, 2023! Each Thursday from 8pm-9pm, you'll learn a new level of salsa, from the basic steps to the most advanced and intricate moves. Our experienced teachers will guide you through every step of the way, making sure you feel confident and ready to hit the dance floor in no time!

Not only will you learn one of the most popular and exciting dances in the world, but you'll also be getting a great physical workout while having fun. Salsa involves a lot of footwork, body movement, and coordination, making it an excellent way to improve your overall fitness and wellbeing.

Don't miss this opportunity to commit to yourself and learn a new skill that you'll enjoy for a lifetime. Register now for our Salsa-100 course and let's dance our way to the top together!